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Beirut) Lebanon s religion-based personal status laws discriminate against women across the religious spectrum and don t guarantee their.

Due to the large number of officially recognized religions in Lebanon, Lebanese family matters are governed by at least 15 personal statute codes. Lebanese. Rania Abouzeid on Clashing Realities, the photographer Lamia Maria Abillama s powerful series of portraits of Lebanese women.

Location and Geography. Lebanon is bounded on the north and east by Syria, on the west by the Mediterranean, and on the south by Israel. Lebanon consists of. Beirut, Lebanon - Georgina twiddles her thumbs as she struggles to talk about the events that forced her into a shelter in northern Lebanon. Discover the last trends in fashion in Bershka. Buy online shirts, dresses, jeans, shoes and much more. New products every week! Latest 2015-16 Fall/Winter trends for women s clothing at zara online. Find dresses, shoes, jackets, special collections and lookbooks for women.

Meet the women who are changing the perception of entrepreneurs and women in the Middle East. Lebanese women hold posters to mark International Woman s Day during a rally of thousands demanding that parliament approves a law that.