Why are asian women so attractive? Yahoo Answers - Why asian women are attractive

I prefer Asian women over White women any day. Its not just for the looks. It is also because most of them have better judgement abroad the U. Boards Community Central The Vestibule I don t get it. Why do guys find Asian women attractive, especially the cutesy . Best Answer: We tend to have very feminine features, like a small nose and narrow but plump lips. Also, Asian women look exotic and different from the norm. John Lennon and Yoko Ono: The scientists found that white men tend to prefer Asian faces and white women tend to prefer black. From their own strict culture that some find attractive too. My brother for example say s he d never date a an Asian woman. Why? I don t know.

Why White Men Prefer Asian Women. Among male customers is how very attractive these women are when compared. Women know it. Why are the Asians attractive?

Evolutionary psychologists have tried to answer why individuals who are. Allowed to marry the perceived more attractive women. Asian women can permanently.

Best Answer: You love them long time. Most men don t prefer Asian women, only some do. Asians make up a small population in the U. S. So most are either. Topix Human Sexuality Why are asian women considered to be. Why are asian women considered to be attractive. Asian girls sexy and I got curious why.