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Dating Channel Time Is An Important Factor In The Dating Process. The Further Along You Are In Your Career, The Less Time You Will Have To Devote To Dating. Use Your. Broadcasting company contacts: euro digital corporation limited Media Group(s) Affiliation to a professional organisation: Genre Adult channel: Specific target. TV channel Dating, Freeview: 243. Please post a question, answer or comment UK Free TV is here to help people. Watch The Dating Channel TV Online: More info about The Dating Channel, program guide and shows can be found on the The Dating Channel website. Baga wanted to see these clips, heavens knows why. Chris recorded this rubbish years ago to date these are the only clips I can find. Poor quality tack. Interactive dating service on Sky Guide 870 in the UK and Ireland. Get yourself on TV, send a text to 85232 (50p) or send your photo to 07909 552 222. Go to website. Thedatingchannel is ranked 124,731 in the United Kingdom. The Dating Channel - Sky Channel 870. The Dating Channel Sky Guide 870, The Dating Channel Sky Guide 870, The Dating channel - Dating Losers, Apache with Every Gun - 870 Shotgun PooGasm Medal of Honor. Contacts and information for Dating Channel, the television channel in the UK, including postal address, email and telephone numbers.