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We strive to provide our singles dances in locations which add a romantic ambiance to an already fun and exciting evening of meeting new and. North East Toronto Dance Locatins. Dance Locations North East of Yonge St. Eglinton Ave. 54L, 6 Degrees. Club Singles ,ofl Banquet Centre eMail. Singles Dance Saturday August 8th 8pm Only 15.00 Toronto Don Valley Hotel 175 Wynford Drive. Long Weekend Dinner Dance Saturday August 1st 8pm.

Welcome to Toronto Dance Salsa, Canada s largest salsa dance school with over. We have classes specifically for singles looking to meet new friends and. Single, over 35 in Toronto, join us for a night of dancing, mixing, mingling and an opportunity to meet other interesting singles. Spn provides a place to connect. Meet with local singles who love to dance and are over the age of 30. Dancing the night away to music from the 60 s to the present. It is great way to mix and.

With all the bumping, grinding and pheromones splashing around, love can easily blossom on a dance floor. These Toronto clubs are known for their dancers.

Looking for the top singles in Toronto? Check out clubZone for a listing of the hottest singles in Toronto. Read reviews. Social club in Toronto, near the Scarborough, Pickering, and Markham areas, featuring ballroom dinner dance events every friday night. Floor; Beautiful Ballroom; Lively Atmosphere; Door Prizes Draws; Couples Singles; Free Parking.